Dienstag, 29. Januar 2008


What I only have not in my office - gifts from friends and relatives, my favorite books and of course magazines. And at home everything is on its place. But the main thing is, that I carefully keep everything that I received as a gift or I bought by myself. For example I have one souvenir from Italy (where I've never been) - a big cat. I also have at home these CYP - there were from my trip to Cyprus many years ago. In days of pirates there were gold coins, but now - pieces of paper which even in hundred years will not represent any interest!

That is a pity!

Why not to put into circulation gold coins again?

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KenBridges - 25. Feb, 05:16
What I only have not...
What I only have not in my office - gifts from friends...
KenBridges - 29. Jan, 04:29
I'm checking this page...
I'm checking this page once a week and I can't wait...
KenBridges - 29. Jan, 04:27
Boeing 737 has been compelled...
Boeing 737 has been compelled to make emergency landing...
KenBridges - 29. Jan, 04:27
It's my photo!
KenBridges - 4. Jan, 02:10




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