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The TV shows are full of cruelty and violence. Parents can barely save their children from watching daily news, or movies, or even cartoons which contain an enormous amount of violent scenes. The issue goes even further with the games producers. Instead of cutting such a business off roots, it grows every day more and more. Japanese Government has found a decision to this problem on TV. The Japanese TV doesn’t show the violent scenes in their full view hiding blood and other things of such kind with some blurred spots. Another country, Australia, fights with violence expansion among children in a different way:
Both countries merit respect of their inhabitants and of international observers as well. After having such children games, we wonder about the increased level of terrorism in the world, we try to fight it with no success but the problem must be killed in the other way round: the only means is to stop producing violent games and movies.

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The TV shows are full...
The TV shows are full of cruelty and violence. Parents...
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